How To Make Money With Article Marketing

When it comes to making money online, there are many great options to do so.  However, one particular online service makes an excellent choice when it comes to attracting potential customers and that is known as article marketing. In the article itself, you are limited in the usage of links which is why you need to instead focus on the resource box which is linked to your user account on the article website.

For starters, you need to make sure that all of the information is filled out properly. Too many people forget to completely fill out the resource box. You will need your name and website in this location. Throw in a couple of sentences to pitch yourself and product as well as some form of call to action. All of this can be added to your resource box and it should be done right so that you are able to attract people to your website.

Another thing that you may also want to include in the resource box to help improve your article marketing is your article subscription link.  People who are interested in one article you wrote may also want to check out others you have written. Do not forget to add some contact details because they may want to contact you with some questions. In sales, being available to potential customers is crucial.

Maybe you would like to give out some form of free report and through the resource box you can do just that. Add a link to your site where they’ll find the way to get the free report so they can access it right through your website. Most of all though, do not forget the importance of making use of anchor text to help improve your rankings for a particular keyword.

Just as there are things to add to your resource box, there are things not to add. Never add a bunch of website links to the box. Ths will affect your credibility as a writer and eventually affexct your ability to make money through article marketing.  Furthermore, no one really cares about your accomplishments so do not add them. Do not advertise or pitch a product which is not relevant to the article.  Most of all though, your resource box should be as small as possible; it should be stright to the point. It should never be more then 10% the size of your smallest article.

In the end, making use of article website to help improve your online sales is the best way to go.

Author: Luigi_F

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  • Hi Sumu

    Well, it depend by the owners. Many article directories don’t allow to add a link in the text but only in the resource box.

    Others allow you to add link in the text.
    So i suggest you to read the guidelines and the tos of each website you would like to submit your article


  • Thanks, nice article. I’ve a question that can I insert links in the article’s except the resource box? Because, I used links in some forums and immediately they banned my account. Do you think that I should only use the link in the resource box? If I want to publish another article for my other website’s, then? Waiting for your kind reply? Thanks in advance.

  • Andreas i agree
    when you have a specific niche (like Travel) you can submit articles to the high pr directories plus to the top directories in your same niche.

  • Also a good idea is to submit articles to top websites or blogs in your niche that accept articles from guest authors.
    For example if your website is about parenting, you can submit articles to

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